Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bit Wet Underfoot

G'day Blog Readers,
There's been some nice precipitation in these parts in the last 48 hours. (Local ABC News item). Fair bit up in the hills too. Won't do any harm in the long term but has caused some consternation in some quarters...

I well remember my school days at the dear old 'Sale Tech'. On days like this we Heyfield kids would hang out for the announcement over the p.a., "Would teachers please allow all Heyfield students to leave class. They must assemble in the bus area to go home early due to flooding". The classrooms would ring out with muffled cheering - us Heyfield kids were sometimes boisterous!


  1. Looks like the cows have some nice feed and plenty of water. Stay dry.

  2. G'day Neil,
    I think most of the farmers got their stock onto higher ground quickly enough.