Monday, July 4, 2011

Warm Colours, Cold Air!

G'day All,
There's been a few mornings like this lately ...

Looking down 4th fairway. it was nice to spot a 'bronzey' with its nice warm colours on a post at our dam ...

Common Bronzewing Pigeon.

 This is another bird we tend to take for granted a bit too quickly around here. Their far carrying 'oom-oom' call echoing around the golf course and the brilliant flashes of bronze and green when you startle them in the bush make them a bit of a favourite of mine.

I watched a pair nest last season, high in a big old box tree beside the 11th green. The nest was way to concealed to get a picture and the only way I spotted it was watching the birds flying in and out to the same spot over several days. They must have had a successful season because recently I've been seeing what at first I thought were Brush Bronzewings and after eventually getting some close enough views, decided they were immature bronzies from last season.

Oh .. that first picture was taken as I walked across to start the greens mower and cut the greens a couple of mornings back. The slick tyres and thick frost meant the mower wouldn't even travel up the gentle slope on the first green and I had to wait a couple of hours before starting.


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  1. Oh, gosh! Are you sure that bronzewing isn't frozen onto the post? They are rather stunning birds. I love 'em.