Tuesday, July 12, 2011

This Morning's Walk

G'day All,
I took the camera this morning when I went for a quick walk around the golf course. (Cold south-westerly winds are still blowing here, so I was well rugged up).

Just inside the gate, a Grey Butcherbird was working the grass on the first fairway for his breakfast of insects.

After collecting a few morsels in one spot he would dash a few metres further on and continue in a new area.

Just past the 10th tee a flash of red in the crown of a wild cherry caught my eye. Some young King Parrots were getting their breakfast. I came upon them a bit quick and got that startled, "Where did you come from?", look.

Up near the 10th green there is a wattle that often makes a picture at this time of year. I think it's a planted Cootumundra, (Acacia baileyana).
Next, I cut across the back fairways and moved into my favourite bit, the bush. Right up the back, the dominant eucs are Stringybarks and as you move south toward home, it changes to Red Box. A flash of yellow caught my eye as soon as I entered the Red Box patch. It was the resident Golden Whistler and his family working the foliage.

I had plenty of time and decided to try whistling them in for a closer look. Didn't take long and I had the male on a branch right above me.
I really enjoy this little spot. I seem to always come across some interesting wildflower or shrub. After checking the progress of the Nodding Greenhoods and Mosquito Orchids, (some are still going after first appearing quite some weeks back), I started getting strafed by the Grey Fantails that always seem to be present here. Spotted Pardalotes were gleaning insects in the crowns of the trees and a Grey Shrike-thrush was turning over the leaf litter on the ground for its morning feed.

Just before reaching the macinery shed - and work - a pair of Scarlet Robins were watching for ground insects from their favourite perch before pouncing. The female allowed me to get close enough for a shot.

Nice start to the day!

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  1. It was a nice start to the day Gouldiae - a delightful read for us and beautifully illustrated.