Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Red-browed Finch

G'day All,
The little red-brow was probably the bird that kicked off my interest in avi-fauna when too many years ago I would encounter them as I rode my 'grid' out and about. They would suddenly flush up from the roadside when I sped (?) down upon them. I would sometimes stop and wait for them to return to their grazing patch for a better view, my mates waiting for me at the next intersection thinking I'd dropped my chain!

In Sale yesterday I had a chance of another close encounter at Lake Guyatt as I sat in the ute having some lunch before going to a meeting. The howling wind was keeping most birds at bay. A few soarers were hovering overhead before zinging off with the benefit of a tremendous tailwind and the red-brows and a couple of wrens were hugging the ground, being nearly swept off their feet by the occasional strong ground-level gust.

Some previous lunch guest to this site had left some remains and the little birds were tucking in - just my chance to get close.

The red-brows of Guyatt are usually in considerable number at this time of year but it was only one or two individuals that were braving the open ground yesterday. After completeing their meal they dived off to some nearby scrub perhaps to warm up a bit in their roosting nest.
I completed my lunch and headed for my meeting with images of long past bike rides in my head!


  1. They're such beautiful little birds. I'm sure I've said this before (or thought it, at least) --- those scarlet eyebrows make red-browed finches look very serious about life.

  2. G'day Bronwen,
    I reckon when they were putting on their lippy in the morning, their hand slipped!

  3. Hi Gouldiae, great to read your articles!
    I'll be in Heyfield for a few weeks, any chance of catching up with your monthly group ventures?

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