Thursday, July 21, 2011

Not Much Bird Watching Going On!

G’day Readers,
The south east corner of the continent is currently under the influence of a slow moving depression just off the east coast – perfect conditions for the weather we are getting at present – rain, southerly winds, ground level cloud, etc.

Not a lot of bird watching getting done. DF and I are waiting for conditions to improve so we can get stuck into some winter surveys. We feel a little disinclined to venture forth at present. This picture was taken at 4pm this afternoon – cloud very low, headlights on, miserable.

We are certainly having a different winter in these parts this year. I was reminded of days of old as I drove past the football ground on the way back home this evening – Thursday night training in the wet!

Anyway, this pair of beauties brightened our garden the other day.

Male King Parrot.
Female King Parrot.
Musn't complain though, the golf course is loving it and by now I've almost forgotten where all the watering valves and sprinkler points are!


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