Sunday, July 3, 2011


G'day Readers,
No, not my holidays. We had Honey and Ralf - note the 'f' - for a holiday while their mum and dads did their grand tours of Darwin, Broome and the Bungle Bungles in one case, and Italy and the UK in the other.

Honey (by DF)

Honey - always alert for one of our cats!

Despite not having one at home, Honey loved her kennel.

"Ralf, get that stick off my green".
"Could you let me get on with the gardening, Ralf?"

The end of a busy day!

Both dorgs have just been picked up and things are a little flat around here this morning. Glen has no company on her constitutional around the course and I've got no reason to throw or kick a ball. Like all holidays I guess we'll take a day or two to recover!

Looking forward to next time already.

PS: No, they are not related -but you'd reckon thay were mother and son!

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  1. Both dogs are lucky to have such a great place to enjoy a holiday of their own!