Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Mixed Species

G'day Readers,
Today I joined in with the bird group from the Latrobe Valley Field Naturalists and spent some time at the Edward Hunter Bush Reserve in Moe, then the Moe Water Treatment Plant.

It was bitterly cold with a stiff southerly wind that seemed to be coming directly from the Antarctic but birders being made of stern stuff, we perservered and at the reserve managed a few sightings. I even scored an acceptable shot of a Grey Fantail with it's tail fanned! Not the best of poses though ...

The Mallard family and a small crew of Black Ducks were quite unconcerned about our presence as we gathered on the boardwalk.

There was very little birdsong evident and the wind made things a bit difficult but the list at the reserve included Brown Thornbill, Golden Whistler, King Parrot, Blue Wren, and White-throated Treecreeper.
It was even too cold for the Kookaburras to laugh, but we still spotted several at the end of the walk.

Back into the warmth of the vehicles for a short drive to the water treatment plant on the north side of Moe. The list here was rather good and included Pied Cormorants, Cattle Egrets, Hardheads by the hundreds, White-faced Herons, Pelicans, heaps of Swans, Yellow-rumped Thornbills, European Greenfinch, and many more. I've no doubt left out some of the more important species. (Yep I did - Silver Gulls, Black Fronted Dotterels, Masked Lapwings by the score, Musk Duck ...)

The temperature by now had soared to 9 degrees and photography in the rain squalls became difficult. Still, you've gotta have a go ... 

Wonderful work eh?!

After getting the name and location of a good coffee shop in town we said our goodbyes and headed for a brief re-fuel before dashing home to ...... jump on a mower and cut a few fairways!

Thanks Alix and crew. Despite the weather I enjoyed myself and it was great to meet you all. Have to do it again one day.


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  1. You're made of tougher stuff than me. I wimped out of the Central Coast birders outing today. Great timing on the Grey Fantail - so hard to get the spread tail.