Monday, May 16, 2011

Swallow Lagoon / Sale Field Nats

I was lucky enough to enjoy a beaut day out with the Sale Field Naturalists on Sunday. DF and I took them for a wander through part of the Swallow Lagoon Conservation Reserve - a favourite little patch of bush of ours. For a change, Duncan and I spent our time with our eyes to the ground instead of to the tree tops.

We have had some nice rain lately and it is very evident that the ground level plants have appreciated it. Several times through the day as I got down to photograph an orchid etc, I could feel the ground give a little under the pressure of my knees and elbows - the place hasn't been like that in a while!

Some of the crew at work.

Mosquito Orchid - in places these were too numerous not to step on top of the occassional plant.

Trim Greenhoods are just starting to appear.

Astrolope species - just one of the many varieties of ground hugging species that seem to be thriving this year.

A monitoring cage. Parks have recently done a burn in one part of the reserve and have established some monitoring areas to help evaluate recovery, etc.

Golden Orb Weaver - still a few around despite the cold conditions.

Mouse Spider. First one we've seen in the reserve. They can have quite a toxic bite apparently.
 Any day spent out in the bush is great in my book, but even more enjoyable when it is with other like minded souls. Thanks Joan and co.

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