Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Conversation With An Old Golfer!

G'day Readers,
I was photographing on the course yesterday and an elderly golfer meandered over. Our conversation went something like ...

Old golfer: "G'day young fella. Watcha got up in that bush?"

Me: "A family of Gang-gangs."

Old golfer: "Is that them grey cockies with the red head?"

Me: "That's right. Beautiful aren't they?"

Old Golfer, (genuinely as far as I could tell): "We used to eat them!"

The conversation didn't quite end there, but I found it hard to be polite after that.



  1. You should have put a few bumps on the greens so he missed every putt!

    They're all gorgeous pictures, but that second one is so sweet.

  2. G'day Snail,
    Glad you like the second pic - that tan barring on the breast of the female is gorgeous.
    Being the (default) greenkeeper, I might think of some other way of puting him off his game, like revving the motorbike in the middle of his backswing!

  3. But at least he's probably too old for birdies these days. Great pix!

  4. I've heard from the older generation that they used to eat Brush Turkeys but never Gang Gangs!