Saturday, April 23, 2011

Golf Course Bush

G’day Nature Lovers,
A few days back I managed to catch sight of a Painted Button Quail on the golf course and I’ve spent some time lately wandering the same patch of bush with the binoculars and camera, trying to will the bird to re-appear – without luck. Plenty of other subjects for the camera though.

There is a family of Golden Whistlers that are pretty well permanent and this youngster came in for a closer look at me as I stood under a tree waiting for the Quail to appear …


I often bemoan the fact that the golf course Noisy Miner population tend drive away any small birds. However at present I have come across some Grey Fantails, Striated Thornbills, Spotted Pardalotes and the winter migrants have returned …

Male Scarlet Robin

Female Robin
The damper than usual season has encouraged the appearance of plenty of native plants and fungi too – Coral Fungus …

I spotted this bright Stinkhorn fungus …

 Although I had the ‘bird lens’ in the camera at the time and was several metres away to take these shots, the smell was very evident. The attendant flies were excited by it all and were going about their duties of spreading the spores …

No Painted Button Quail - yet, (says he hopefully).


  1. With all those beauties you want more?? But I hope you do get the Button-Quail!

  2. G'day Mick,
    Saw the quail again yesty, nearly trod on it, but it dashed off before I could even shoulder the camera. One day ...
    Yeah, we always want more, don't we?