Thursday, April 7, 2011

All Quiet At ...

... the Heyfield Wetlands.

Autumn has arrived down here. At last the grass has slowed down. I managed to sneak into the wetlands for a quiet hour the other morning while the ladies played their golf rounds. It was very quiet. Some nice reflections in the ponds, and a family of Chestnut Teal allowed me to take a shot or two while they warmed up in the early sun's rays.

 Very pleasant and not a fairway or greens mower to be seen!


  1. It looks very sunny and peaceful down your way! Cold (ish) and drizzly here. Maybe I should head south for the winter!

  2. As you no doubt recall Bronwen, just about our best time of year down here. I think if you migrated south at this time of year you would be reversing the trend! All our golf fields start to dwindle from here on as the pensioners head north.