Friday, March 18, 2011

Robber and Victim

Between mowing episodes today, I had a quick trip to Sale. As often as I can, this usually involves at least a cursory look in at the common or the lake.

The common today was very pleasant and in spite of only having half an hour to explore, it was most enjoyable. There was a little bit of action on the water - Pied Cormorants, Swans, Swamp Hens ... - but the surrounding bush was alive with Blue Wrens, Scrub Wrens, Red-brows, Brown Thorns ... I didn't really have the time to stalk the birds much, but I came across a Robber Fly.

Despite having the wrong lens in the camera I gave chase for a bit until it landed right on the limiting distance. After checking the first couple of pics on the screen I could see it had a victim in its grasp. It waited for a short time, probably while it delivered its coup de gras of toxin, and then an enzyme to dissolve the internal body parts before sucking them out. What a lovely day!


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  1. Great line finishing that post. Was it a lovely day for you or the fly? :)