Monday, March 28, 2011

Jumping to Conclusions

G'day Nature Lovers,
I walked out of the edge of the bush at the Botanical Gardens - Cranbourne yesterday and came face to face with a Red-necked, (I think), Wallaby. It sat still for a shot or two then headed back into cover.

Just to the side of the macropod was a sign ...

I managed to spend a very enjoyable couple of hours wandering about 5% of the tracks and trails of the bush section in the gardens. In that short time I scored 20+ bird species and saw some wonderful examples of heathland, grassland, wetland and of course bush.

The very overcast conditions made photography a bit tricky but if the birds were close enough I could manage an acceptable image occasionally.

I was desperate to linger longer but the grandchildren in Frankston were on the agenda so I had to get a move on and catch up with the three minipods! I'm gunna just have to return one day - soon.



  1. Hi Gouldiae
    Nice images and interesting study being conducted there.
    I think its a "Swampie"
    Up here, Red-necks are lighter in colour and body.
    Whatever, it is a nice healthy Wallaby. Good to see it.

  2. G'day Denis,
    You're probably correct about it being a Swamp Wallaby. It looked too large in reality to be one. Most of the Swampies I see around here seem to much smaller than this one.
    Thanks for looking in,