Monday, February 28, 2011

Out of Range

Mornin' All,
Thought I'd better stop reading the news, playing Freecell, forwarding funny emails, and chuck a blog together.

There have been some interesting sightings around the place recently. Whilst Needletail Swifts and Chestnut-rumped Heathwrens are not common for us, they are a bit unexpected. What I want to report though is the sighting of some not uncommon species in uncommon locales.

These Caspian Terns were ...

... on a farmers dam here next to the golf course. Pizzey and Knight says, "Habitat: coastal, offshore waters; beaches, mudflats, eastuaries, larger rivers, reservoirs, lakes; some inland." The italics are theirs. I've only ever seen this bird sitting on a sandy beach or a peir on the Gippsland Lakes. 
Referring to Pizzey and Knight again, they say the range and status of the Crested Pigeon, "... originally a dweller of inland and w. Aust. Has expanded coastwards... but still mostly absent from s. Victoria." They could now add, "Heyfield Golf Course."

Another species we are beginning to see in increasing numbers down south here, is the Little Corella. I was alerted to their presence in nearby Rosedale the other day. While waiting for Duncan to arrive and lead me on an Odonatta expedition, I overheard a lady say to her daughter, "Listen to those noisy cockies." They disappeared into the school ground - the lady and the daughter that is - before I could enlighten them.

Well, I'd better have a quick scan of the headlines before I start sharpening mowers etc.


  1. Look at that blue sky!

    It seems that all bets are off about distrubutions following the drought and floods. I wouldn't be surprised to see anything anywhere!

  2. Yes just look at that sky!! - these days we're pleased if we get 30 mins of sun on the solar hot water.
    Interesting post Gouldiae - changing distributions - more of that to come I think.

  3. Blue Sky? It was early morning, sun was low and light 'contrasty'. Changing distributions make for further interest in this wonderful game I reckon.