Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Chestnut Teal

G'day readers,
The post I did the other day on Pacific Black Ducks seemed a little unfair on another beautiful duck seen a lot on our wetlands and dams in these parts – the Chestnut Teal.

The iridescent bottle green head of the male, contrasts beautifully with the chestnut brown chest.

Although not as widespread as the Black Duck, I reckon the Chestnut Teal make good indicators of the health of a wetland, as their numbers seem to vary considerably according to the seasonal conditions, and while Black Ducks are sometimes described as sedentary or perhaps locally nomadic, the Chestnut Teal populations tend to be more dispersive.

While helping Barry and Mike do some weeding and planting at the wetlands yesterday, a family of Chestnut Teal was sunbathing on a log on the opposite bank of the lagoon.


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  1. They are beautiful birds - and I've never managed to get close enough for good photos. I like the whole family lined up on the log!