Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Spot of Babysitting

G'day Readers,
I took Glen to the train station in Traralgon yesterday. She’s off to Frankston for a spot of babysitting for a night or two. As I just happened to have the camera in the car, I detoured home via Morwell National Park again. (Locals will realize that’s a ‘completely in the opposite direction’ detour!).

The Yellow Robins were charming me in their usual accommodating manner.

Keeping my eyes on one for a bit, it gave away its nest site by zooming into the same Prickly Currant Bush several times in succession. Closer inspection through the binoculars revealed a mere smudge of a nest.

After a short while, the bird disregarded the camera and settled in for a spot of babysitting also.

How well do they camouflage their nest? Just wonderful!

 After a BIT of a walk, (that’s a big bit- perhaps more of that another time), I found myself in a patch of magnificent Stringybarks. The ground was awash with Fringe Lilies, Xanthorrhoae sp in flower, and more. I spent some time swapping lenses and at one point was sitting on the ground screwing the long lens back in the camera, just as a treecreeper zapped down to the base of a nearby stringy and started working its way up the trunk. “Always worth a check through the binoculars”, I thought, “Haven’t seen, much less got a usable picture of a red-brow for some time”.

Lo and behold …

Uhm, quite a few hours had passed by now, so it was back to the car, back home and on to the mower. If I can stay awake, I'll upload the pics later.


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