Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Crowded House

On a brief trip into town yesterday, I ducked into the wetlands for a while. As I quietly walked along some tracks I would stop briefly and scan the reed beds and tree tops. During one of these brief stops, a pair of Willie Wagtails began scolding me.

"Could only mean one thing", thinks I, and looking around I found the nest, quite low down and very near the track.

This particular track is well used by walkers, joggers etc, but I expect they don't pause very often and present an implied threat to the nest.

After a couple of quick snaps, I left them in peace. At least it wasn't a Cuckoo they were trying to raise - there were some calls nearby.


  1. G'day Gouldiae!

    Crowded indeed. Let's wish survival and good luck to all the nest's inhabitants.

    Great photos and the chicks look so cute.

  2. Beautiful. Hope they all make it safely.

  3. The young 'uns are such serious-looking birds. I suppose having to share such a cosy nest with your siblings wouldn't be all that much fun!

    Good luck to them.

  4. Thanks all. Seems that WW's around the nation are having a good season.

  5. Always great to see these perfect nests, full of chicks.