Friday, December 31, 2010


G’day All,
I guess everyone has a bird they take for granted - one that is so common it barely gets a second glance. Around these parts, the glorious Eastern Rosella nearly has to be kicked out of the way when we go bird watching, and yet its stunning plumage deserves much more attention.

The common Pacific Black Duck is another bird in this category, perhaps not for its colour, but it does have lots of other attributes. Black Ducks have the classic ‘duck shape’ and the buff margins to the chocolate brown back feathers highlight a beautiful pattern. The identifying head markings seem to add ‘go fast stripes’ to the bird.

The common old ‘blackie’ always catches my eye at the wetlands, whether just cruising with mates …

or the family …

or giving the feathers a bit of a splash.

And, there’s always the chance we’ll get a glimpse of those iridescent speculum feathers, sometimes green, sometimes teal blue or even purple, or even the white to powder blue underwing coverts.

Gotta go into the ‘Beaut Bird’ folder.


  1. Duckling first in line seems to be giving Grebe the evil eye?

  2. I too look at the ones others over look. I like Canada Geese, corvids, and mallards. Have a Happy New Year G!

  3. Hi Gouldiae.
    Exquisite first image of the Black Duck. My personal favourite is the mother duck and duckings all lined up, cruising the water-weed apart. As Tony says, one duckling is giving the Grebe the 'evil eye".
    Happy New Year.