Thursday, December 2, 2010

Beautiful Clunes

G'day All,
Clunes is 'an historic gold mining town located in the heart of Victoria's Central Goldfields region, just north of Ballarat and about an hour and 20 minutes drive west of Melbourne CBD.' The town is 'dotted with dusty antique and collectable stores, vineyards and wineries,...'

I journeyed to Clunes earlier this week with Martin and John, for a Bug Blitz exercise with the Clunes Primary School and was struck by the beauty of the place. A wonderful effort has been made to try and maintain the historic streetscape.

The wonderfully restored Federation style school building contributes stunningly to the historic precinct while providing a motivational atmosphere for staff and students.

The spacious grounds and gardens were in tip top condition.

We were not there for very long and had to leave for the 5+ hour trip home as soon as the Bug Blitz program concluded. I only hope the kids got as much from the day as I did.


  1. Oh I would love to shoot that town. With my Canon of course. :)

  2. G'day Dave,
    I got a lot more shots of course, and only just scratched the surface. Strange thing - I remember at one point as I wandered that I thought about you and your photography. If you can get down to 'the land downunder' one day Dave, I'll take you to Clunes.

  3. I remember Clunes from the late 1980s. A town which got passed by, and then made a living from the "living history".
    Lots of Lindsay Family memorabilia around there, as I recall.