Sunday, November 7, 2010

Won Wron and Tarra Valley Again

On Friday, Duncan and I grabbed a window of opportunity and dashed down to see the wildflowers in the Won Wron State Forest. They have been putting on quite a display for several weeks now, quite a contrast to recent seasons.

In places there were Finger Orchids as tall as our knees, with flowerheads that had to be 40 or 50mm across, carpets of Kennedia prostrata, stacks of Stackhousia monogyna, … well, I’m sure you get the picture. The Musky Caladenias in particular were a stand out. 

Musky Caladenia #1

Musky Caladenia #2
I didn’t think it would ever happen, but at one point when I was trying to point out an interesting bird in the distance, without lifting his eye from the view finder, Duncan replied, “Never mind the bird, look at these darn orchids”, or words to that effect!

An engrossed DF
I managed to tear him away from the flowers and we headed for a ‘Fernholme devonshire tea’. We had to share it however with a persistent ‘Lewin’s Jam-eater’. You can read about that, between the lines, over at D’s blog, where you will shortly get better coverage of the Won Wron flowers, I feel sure.

The beautiful Fernholme

Never been this close to a Lewin's before!
It was back home over the top and some more stunning scenery – brilliant day.


  1. Thanks for that beautiful tour G. Great photos!

  2. The Caledonia's look great. I'm not a flower person, but they are a really nice flower.