Thursday, November 18, 2010

Purple Haze

G’day All,
There was a purple haze, (not the Hendrix sort), along the Longford Rd yesterday.


The Purple Diuris Orchid, once abundant and widespread in Victoria is now considered threatened. This location has produced some good results this year.

Purple diuris #1

Purple diuris #2
This colony is very close to a busy main road and the plants were competing with tall and dense native and exotic grasses, yet they seemed to be coping well.

There were even a few small plants of the white form.
Dotted among the diuris there were Onion Orchids and some plain blue Sun Orchids just managing to flower.

Onion Orchid.


  1. Once again, beautiful photography Pete. Thankyou. I just love your blog site. It is a regular treat to visit and see what you have 'captured' in your ramblings RW.

  2. I also see these Orchids from year to year, but never in such numbers.
    Up here, the only thing which gives such an intense display is the Vanilla Lily (Sowerbaea juncea), and after several photos one tends to lose interest in them.
    Your display is different.
    Lovely plants, individually, but that display is magnificent.

  3. G'day Anon, Dave and Denis,
    Thanks. Yep, it was great news to see the number this year. Been checking the locality for several years now and have never seen them this good. One of the local Field Nats groups does a count - hope they've got a calculator.