Sunday, November 28, 2010

Mixed Emotions

G'day Followers,
I woke this morning feeling a little ambivalent. It seems that the Victorian Liberals are giving Labor a run for their money. That doesn't worry me much as I don't see a lot of difference between the two major parties. (Here's where I might alienate a few of my readers). But, the b....y 'farmers party' candidate has got back in here in Gippsland East! Now that is a worry - to me. Here's a quote from his environment page on his website -
'There needs to be a coordinated effort to maintain and enhance the environment of the Gippsland Lakes and catchment, along with other waterways from Lakes Entrance to the New South Wales border.'

I did email him pre-election to ask if he realised that there are a few waterways in his electorate west of Lakes Entrance - no answer.

Anyway, no more politics. I did become a little brighter this morning when I stepped outside and saw this...

70+ mm - wow!
 There has been a slow moving, moisture laden trough over central Gippsland all night. We haven't had a season like this in ages.

I put the camera around the neck and under the rain coat, and went for a walk around the course.

Two birdies on the first.
Approach to the 9th.
Outside the bar.
 In the last couple of days the greens have been cored, a process that happens annually and is designed to improve the absorption of water into the sub-soil. Great timing.
Not an attack of the worms.
'Our cups runneth over'
 Might watch some cricket today!


  1. I'll trade you our politics for yours. :) Get the waders out and stay dry.

  2. Wow you've got a few areas of 'casual water' about Gouldiae!

  3. Hi Gouldiae.
    Sorry about your local Member.
    Might be worth an invitation for one of your birding days out.
    Previous Labor Gov't did not deserve to be re-elected, in my opinion, with the Wonthaggi De-Sal Plant and the North-South Pipeline both pushed ahead without proper environmental assessments.
    But will the new Government be better?
    Best of luck.
    Good to see the rain down your way.