Wednesday, October 27, 2010


G'day All,
While helping Duncan do the spring survey at Swallow Lagoon Reserve the other day, we came across a fair bit of nesting activity - cockies and parrots beside their hollows, and these three...

Spotted Pardalote checking his tunnel nest under a stump.
Jacky Winter on its typical minimal and very exposed nest.
Satin Flycatcher on her beautifully constructed and camouflaged nest.
 Then, on a farmers dam near Stratford today ...

Wood Duck family.
Beaut interlude. Now its back to those mowers and pumps!


  1. A lovely set of photos. The pardalote would be my favorite! I don't think I have ever seen Wood Ducks swimming although, of course, I know they do. Around here they just wander around in the empty blocks beside the houses.

  2. G'day Mick,
    Yep, the 'woodies' around here go to water when threatened in some way. The ones on the golf course often spend the night on the dam, then as soon as it's light they start eating the fairways and on the greens!

  3. Tell the ducks: Woods for the tees, not the greens!

  4. Gotta love pardalotes. Friends of mine in Vic made the mistake of getting a load of sand delivered a couple of weeks before they needed it. Of course, the pardalotes took over. This was a few years ago. The sand pile remains untouched --- except by the birds!

  5. oh, I love the shot of the pardalote!

  6. Yep, the pards are favourites with a lot of people - 'jewels of he bush'. Love the sand-heap story Bronwen.