Friday, October 8, 2010

"Need a hand mate?"

I was out yesterday helping Martin and Duncan with some surveying at three new sites that Martin has earmarked for grassy woodland re-generation. (After recently putting 40+ thousand plants in the ground, you'd think he'd rest up).

We were heading down to a site along a road reserve and Duncan suddenly hurried across to the fenceline. All I heard him say was, ''... Magpie ...". I thought, "OK, we can put another tick beside 'Magpie' on the list." In fact he was on a rescue mission.

Just a few bent feathers and a couple of sore fingers seemed to be all the damage.

After the good deed was done, Duncan, rubbing his bitten fingers, was heard to mutter, " **** bird must've known I was barracking for StKilda last Saturday!"


  1. A very nice story - but I really enjoyed the punch line in the last sentence!

  2. Good job boys! I can only guess what your last line meant. I've been bitten by out maggies many a time so I know how he felt.