Wednesday, September 29, 2010

We Need More ...Verandahs!

G'day Blogworld,
I love stories like this.

A day or two ago, Glen and I went up to Barry and Sue's place on the Macalister again. I just forget the name of their property - 'Paradise' will do.

View from the garden.
Barry has a boat moored at a jetty at the bottom of the garden, (why wouldn't you?). When the sun comes out he gets an old visitor on his slipway most days.

Gippsland Water Dragon
I've never been close enough to one of these for a photo before. I nearly always hear them splashing into the water before I see them. This old guy was very accommodating.

Barry and Sue had been cleaning up a corner of their garden and discovered a Pardalote entering and leaving it's nesting tunnel. What did they say about it? "We'll leave that area for a while until nesting is over". Love it!

Spotted Pardalote

To cap off all this, there was a Thornbill nesting under the roof of the back verandah. Closer inspection shows that I think it's a Buff-rump, an uncommon little bird that we only see around here in a few locations.

Buff-rumped Thornbill #1

Buff-rumped Thornbill #2
I struggled a bit with the back lighting, but I think there is enough evidence of the clear or white eye and the dark tail with lighter tips etc, to confirm a Buff-rump. Some texts say they are struggling a bit due to loss of habitat. We obviously need to build more verandahs!

To Barry and Sue - don't forget, Glen and I have first option when you sell!



  1. Wow, seem like an awesome place.

  2. Indeed it is Dave. Nice people too.

  3. Lovely spot, with beautiful Water Dragon and Pardalote.
    Your "buffy" is right by the way. Cute, but pale compared to the Pardalote. That's not its fault, though, is it?
    Imaginative nesting site.

  4. G'day Denis,
    I agree about the Buffy. One of my favourite birds is the plain Jacky Winter.

  5. The Macalister looks good! You're obviously getting better at your "buff-rumps"!

    We like the new look of your blog - haven't visited for a while.

  6. G'day Ros,
    Welcome back to Victoria. Glad you're home.
    Macalister looks good? Trick of the light I'm afraid. It's still discoloured - have a close look of the water just in front of the willow.

  7. It might be brown, but it's still water!!