Saturday, September 11, 2010

"Open your eyes luv"

After my morning coffee and a read of some favourite blogs, I said to GW, "Denis has a nice blog of some Finger Orchids that are out already up his way. I commented how there's no sign of the 'fingers' down here yet."

Glen replied, "......(see heading). There's been some Blue Fingers up in front of the ladies 17th tee for some days now."

There you go! I wanted to put up some new nest boxes, so I put the camera in the ute too.

Box 1 of 5 this morning.
Then I headed around to the 17th fairway and sure enough, there were the Cyaniculas - beautiful.

Part of the Blue Finger colony.

Blue Finger orchid. #1

Blue Finger orchid #2

There were some Early Nancys in the vicinity too.

Early Nancys.

How about that? It seems 'spring has sprung'.


  1. And I though blue fingers must be coldly rude.

  2. Great post Gouldiae - the common names are most evocative illustrated by Tony's comment!!

    Oh, and lovely pics of some very pretty orchids. Spring has sprung here too - a wet spring but we appreciate every sunny day.