Sunday, September 26, 2010

It's a Draw - GROAN!

G'day All,
The Glenmaggie Flora Reserve just down the road from home is as dry as chips. Despite the rest of Victoria getting some decent rain recently, we tended to miss out - again, scoring only showers of just a few millimetres, when others were getting 20's and 30's or more. The nearby ranges copped a lot, and there is still a fair bit of snow to yet melt, so our rivers are generally at good heights at least.

Anyway - the Glenmaggie Flora Reserve. I visited the place yesterday afternoon and was surprised to see a little water in the one waterhole. I sat for a while and watched. The usual Grey Fantails were busy and I thought that would be about it but gradually a few others began to sneak in - Silvereyes, Crescent, White-naped and Scarlet Honeyeaters and a Mistletoe Bird were all present. They were all fairly wary and I didn't manage to get any photos. Nice to see them, but.

Whilst the leaf litter on the ground crackled underfoot there were a few orchids displaying, Wax-lips and White Fingers in particular. In one spot they were in close proximity to one another and I had to decide which to take a picture of first. In this dry old bit of country I decided it was a draw as to which was more beautiful, so I snapped both of them.

Wax-lip Orchid

White Finger Orchid

You didn't think this was going to be about a particular game of football did you?


  1. Nice one(s). Guess, though, many went away from yesterday's game with white fingers and waxy lips.

  2. G'day Tony,
    Yep, white knuckles at least.

  3. Don't know the rest of the story but love the photos!

  4. Beautiful photos Gouldiae - nice story about the benefits of sitting quietly and watching for a bit. My brother at Mossiface said its been cold and windy but they haven't had much rain either.

  5. Dave - the grand final of Australian Rules Football, the game that stops the nation, was a draw and has to be replayed next week. Big bonus for the AFL, 100,000 people x $? per ticket, two weekends in a row is a lot of money.

    Barbara - I can concur with your brother, very dry still in these parts.