Monday, September 13, 2010

Heyfield Birdwatchers - September 2010

G’day All,
The Heyfield Birdwatchers crew had another great day out yesterday. We journeyed east a little to Wattle Point, Blond Bay and Perry Bridge.

After meeting at Meerlieu, we followed-the-leader to Wattle Point on Lake Victoria – a well named locality as there were heaps of wattles and Wattlebirds. We chased a few bush birds for a bit, then Ron in the distance seemed to be a bit intense while looking through his spotting scope along the beach front. It was a Pied Oystercatcher, the first and nearly only wader for the day. (Click for larger pics)

Grey Fantail - the everywhere bird
At Blond Bay

Pied Oystercatcher Lake Victoria

Spike Wattle, (oxycedrus)

After a cuppa we rendezvoused with Ellen, Michele and Rod at Blond Bay. The lagoons were quiet, Masked Lapwing, White-faced Heron, etc, but there was a bit of activity amongst the tussock beds - Pipits, Larks, and the White-fronted Chats were breeding, with fleglings in nests. Pallid Cuckoos were calling nearby too. I'm not sure if they like to parasitisze Chats nests?

On the way back to Ellen's for lunch, we stopped at the 'gravel pits' to witness what seemed to have been a female Dusky Woodswallow offering herself for mating - wings quivering, bill open, squat position. 

After lunch, Ellen suggested a walk through the block of crown land opposite her house. The landscape was dominated by Banksias, Acacias and Xanthorrhoeaceae. Once again, the Wattlebirds and a few other Honeyeaters became evident, along with Eastern Yellow Robins, Blue Wrens and would you believe, an antechinus up a small Banksia tree!

Crimson Rosella lunch guest
Grass Tree 'double header'
Pallid Cuckoo

We thanked our gracious hostess and jumped in the cars, headed back to Meerlieu and 'undid' our car shuffle. I managed to talk the mob into stopping at a piece of bush reserve at Perry Bridge where we scored a few birds including an Eastern Whipbird, and heaps of orchid colonies - Blunt, Maroon and Trim Greenhoods, and Gnats. There were some Bulbine Lilies just in flower too.

Blunt Greenhood
Gnat Orchid

Thanks all for a wonderful day and a special thanks to Ellen for her hospitality, (not to mention her baking!).


  1. May not prefer to sneak egg into Chat's nest, but any open cup nest with spotted eggs seemingly fair game for Pallids.

  2. Good comment Tony, makes sense.