Thursday, August 26, 2010

Not Long Now

I took Glen to the train station in Traralgon on Tuesday. She was due for her regular 'grand-kid fix' in Melbourne. After our goodbyes, I headed for Crinigan Reserve in nearby Morwell where it's always a bit wetter than around home.

I lucked out on finding any of the scarce and vulnerable Swamp Greenhoods that grow there - probably a bit early yet. Plenty of others though, including several nice colonies of Slaty, (I think), Helmet-orchids, plus Tall and Nodding Greenhoods. Often all three were within a 'belly roll' of one another. (Orchid photographers will understand).
Helmet colony
The weird and wonderful Slaty (?) Helmet-orchid
Nodding Greenhood
Tall Greenhood

Why the title? There was even a Pea in flower, so good ol' Spring can only be just around the corner!

? Pea. Harbinger of Spring

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  1. I have seen two of the orchids you posted in Morwell and a different one not seen here. I would love to see the helmet orchid and will look for it. Thanks for posting > Loved all your photos. I also saw the yellow pea flowers and blue ones as well. they are so preety.