Saturday, August 14, 2010

Dinny's Birds

G'day Readers,
The recent Heyfield Birdwatchers day took us into several private gardens. As I mentioned in my report of the day, the birds at Mike and Dinny's property on the edge of the Ironbark forest were an eye opener. By sticking to native and largely idigenous plants in the garden, Mike and Dinny have attracted a stunning variety and number of birds to their location.

A very small part of the garden.

 Honeyeaters were prolific. You could almost call the place 'New Holland Central', it was so popular with that species in particular.

New Holland Honeyeater

Eastern Spinebill

White-naped Honeyeater

 Apart from those three above, Brown-headed and Yellow-faced Honeyeaters and Red Wattlebirds were present too.

Diamond Firetail and Red-browed Finches plus Yellow-rumped Thornbills were hopping about on the ground in good number.

Diamond Firetail Finch
Another small bush bird that likes to call Mike and Dinny's place home, virtually literally, is the Striated Pardalote. The following series of shots is of a pair collecting nesting material and lining their hollow log that is strung up under the back eave of the house.

Striated Pardalote getting nesting material in the garden.
Collecting bark strips from a nearby Stringybark.
About to enter the log.
Checking out the photographer before flying off for another load.

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