Friday, August 27, 2010

Another Bug Blitz

G'day Followers,
Ron and I have just spent the last three freezing cold days helping with a Bug Blitz exercise at the Heart Morass, just south of Sale.

Over the 3 days, groups of schoolchildren attended and took part in various activities associated with the restoration of this once degraded area. They planted trees, measured water quality, collected bugs and insects and built 3 wonderful large art installations.

 Ron and I took them for a 'discovery/look and listen' walk along Flooding Creek Track. We tried to show our groups how to find various invertebrates, look for hollows, nests, etc and then lead them to discovering the connections between some of the animals, birds and their environment - simple really!

Here's a link to the local ABC Radio site where you can see Ron and I at work and hear our dulcet tones.

And here, you can read some more about the Heart Morass Restoration Project.


Nicole about to test the water.
Ron at work.
Fantail Cuckoo on the log pile.
"What's all that noise below my nest?"
Water birds nesting in a tree?
Swan central.
Mature red gum about to be inundated by the rising water.

Meet and greet plus initial instructions.

The big cocoon.


  1. Thanks Mick,
    Tiring, cold, but very rewarding and hopefully instructional.

  2. Good on you. Too cold for me.

    BTW, not a criticism, but there seems strong blue cast to pictures?

  3. Thanks Tony,
    Yeah, would've been a bit cold for you northerners. There were some kids in shorts and tee shirts mind you!
    The blue cast in the pics? Just started using Gimp as my editor and probably not got the levels sorted yet. Thanks for the tip, I'll keep an eye on it.