Thursday, July 8, 2010

Blores Hill

G'day Readers,
For a few hours yesterday, (another grey day), I explored a small piece of bush near home that I haven't checked for some time. In general the birds were pretty quiet.

As I was wandering through some scrub, I was alerted to the presence of some Grey Currawongs, not by their distinctive ringing call, but by the sound of bark being ripped from the trunks and branches.

They silently glided from tree to tree and with those powerful bills would begin tearing at the bark, peeling off large strips and probing for insects beneath. The whole family were always just ahead of me and in the wrong position for a decent photograph, but I had some nice views through the binoculars.

I only had an hour or two to spend, so after not seeing too much else I began the short drive home. At the old tip site, some little birds darted across the road into the roadside trees. I stopped and wound down the windows and within just a few minutes I ticked Scarlet Robins,  ...

... Yellow-rumped Thornbills, Jacky Winters, Blue Wrens, Rufous Whistler, (an early one I reckon), Crimson Rosellas and a family of Varied Sittellas.

It always fascinates me how sometimes just the side of the road can be a real little hot spot and how the vehicle can work well as a hide.



  1. My truck Lucille has had many photos taken from the drivers window and sometimes the windshield. Nice photos G.

  2. Pretty good lot for a grey day. My low-slung Camry mobile hide not a patch on sadly deceased L300 Mitsi 4x4.

  3. Nice road-side birds and birding. But first you have to find a roadside where the traffic behind you lets you stop!