Tuesday, June 15, 2010

It Has Been Some Time ...

... since I've got around to find something to blog about.

Weather's been cold, I haven't really been busy, just lacking enthusiasm I guess. Now I'm crook. Glen's had a nasty bug for some time and I thought I was going to avoid getting it. For the last few days, just to get outside has been an effort. I haven't lacked energy like this for a long time.

To top things off, the main computer refuses to boot. We think we can solve the problem, but my technician over at Ben Cruachan, won't show his face until I've got over the dreaded disease. I don't blame him. In the meantime, I'm trying to enter this short entry on a little emachines Netbook.

I managed a small excursion into the bakyard the other day and discovered that the birds seem able to find activities to keep warm....

I'll just have to get better quickly and get stuck into this year's netbox program pretty smartly.


  1. Hope you both get better soon not the best weather to get sick.

  2. Amazing photo - with female's eyes glazed over!

  3. Thanks for the best wishes - starting to come good.
    (I'm not going there Denis!)