Monday, June 28, 2010

Chilly But Colourful

G'day Bloggers,
This morning's walk on the golf course was quite brisk for the first half. We woke this morning to a heavy and widespread frost. After I'd warmed up a bit and wiped the tears from my eyes, I started looking for some birds.

A pair of Scarlet Robins began the show with their perch and pounce strategy in full swing along the back boundary fence line.

The next subject was one of my first recordings of a Silvereye on the golf course. A small group were working in the canopy of some Box Eucalypts that were in flower.

The Musk Lorikeets were working a nearby tree too.

While I waited near a small clearing in the scrub, a pair of Spotted Pardalotes slowly worked their way in my direction. The male decided to come in a bit closer for a look.

I moved out of the scrub and began the walk home along the edges of a couple of fairways. Suddenly I was swooped by a male King Parrot. Many people around here feed the Kings at this time of year and they can get pretty friendly. This one seemed to say, "If I perch here will I get some seed?"

"What about here? You can take a portrait".

I pressed on and detoured past the workshop. I'd made a note to check some old carpet squares I was going to salvage for a project I had in mind. I peeled back a few layers and came across a small colony of ...

 Being so out of season and a particularly cold morning, I think I'd disturbed their hibernation. Thankfully they were very sluggish and allowed me to get some pictures before I covered them up again. They were quite small, steely grey on top and white underneath. Bit of research needed. 


  1. I think I'd put up with the frost if I could see that number of great birds. I occasionally see King Parrots around here but they don't let me get anywhere near them. Great photo of your one.

  2. I don't like surprises like that. We don't have snakes in Alaska. You had a pretty active bird morning after that frost.

  3. Sounds as though it's been quite crisp down your way. Are you sure everything wasn't frozen into place?

  4. G'day Mick - amazing how we take our local species for granted.
    Dave - Not cold by your standards Dave. The snakes were pretty sluggish I assure you.
    Snail - At one stage I thought I was frozen solid. I could see the Robins working along the fence toward me, so I knelt down by a post until they were within range. I nearly shattered a few bones when I went to stand up 10 minutes later.