Friday, May 28, 2010


Years ago at school I remember having to read a novel containing a chapter in which the author tried to mention the word 'grey' as many times as possible. At least that seemed to be his aim, I couldn't see any other purpose for writing it. I didn't score well with my summation of that chapter!

I'm reminded of that, as we are having some grey days in Gouldiae land at present. This time I'm loving it, we are getting some easterly rain and some grey visitors have arrived in our Bushy Yate in the garden.

The Gang Gang Cockatoos come down from the hills this time each year. Despite being described basically as a grey bird, the female has beautiful tan coloured chest bars. The male of course has the striking fiery red head feathers.

Their 'rusty hinge' call alerted me to their presence high up in the tree. Discarded scraps of food dropped all around me as they made short work of the tough Bushy Yate fruit.

As I moved around trying for a suitable angle through the foliage for a picture, it didn't take long for one of the local 'bovver boys' to fly in and check things out. 

I'll take these grey visitors any time. The grey weather is welcome too, in small doses.


  1. Very nice visitors to have. The female in the first photo is especially beautiful with the markings down her front.

  2. You are so lucky to have the Gang Gangs come in, Gouldiae.

  3. We've got some similar visitors creating havoc around here at the moment. Walking around the area, I kept coming across piles of green debris. Had me stumped until I found the culprits - a family of Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoos who are doing the rounds, and they particularly like the pine cones on the trees down along the railway!

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