Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Gluepot Report #7

G'day Readers,
Banrock Station is a wine producing property situated on a big bend in the Murray River at Kingston, between Waikerie and Barmera. Since 1994 the owners have been restoring some of the mallee, wetland, woodland and floodplain environments. Domestic stock have been removed, natural wetting and drying cycles have been restored, thousands of native trees and shrubs have been planted and feral animals are being eradicated.

I spent a couple of days between Gluepot photography courses in and and around Waikerie, and Banrock Station was on the list of places to visit.

Several walks of varying length are available. I opted to do the long walk, (8km), collected the compulsory emergency 2-way radio, paid a small fee, (this is private enterprise), and set off. The tracks, boardwalks, interpretive signs etc were extremely well done.

Interesting walks have been constructed through all the habitat zones. The wetland country however was very dry. I think there was just one lagoon with enough water for a few Cormorants, White-faced Herons, etc. They are having real problems with water flow in the lower reaches of the Murray.

I did manage several birds that we don't get at home ...

Singing Honeyeater

Pied Butcherbird

Peaceful Dove

Apologies to readers who find these common species in their regions. One persons trash is another persons treasure, etc..

Near the end of my walk, a monitor scurried across the track. I followed for a bit and got a picture or two.

Gould's Monitor

A couple of elderly tourists on the track asked me what I was photographing - they couldn't see it from their position. "A monitor", I said, "It's beautiful". They called back, "What's a monitor?" "A large lizard, probably 1 to 2 metres", I replied. I heard elderly tourist No1 say to No2, "Come on Edith, let's get away from here".

Gould's Monitor

They went back up the hill to the, (very expensive), restaurant and probably related their tale of a brush with some Aussie wildlife to the rest of the busload. I went to the carpark got out a bottle of water, a dry sandwich, a piece of fruit and had most enjoyable repast!


  1. I like the story about the tourists! The Singing Honeyeater is not common up here AFAIK but the other two are. I used to think all big lizards were goannas but now I find they all have 'special' names! Very confusing!

  2. Some people shouldn't be allowed out of the city. Ever!

  3. Loved the story of the Tourists.
    Tony has the best comment!
    You even caught the tongue of the Monitor. Nice work.