Friday, May 14, 2010

Gluepot Report #5

G'day Bloggers,
Somehow I always get so much pleasure from the 'little-brown-jobs' of the bird world. One of my favourites around home is the Jacky Winter, and they were in good number at Gluepot.

Except for the very driest parts of the continent, they are a widespread species that occupy a good range of habitat. The Jacky Winter is an accomplished aerialist as it hawks for insects in flight. When it lands on a lookout branch it gives a characteristic tail flick that is often helpful for identification.

Gluepot JW's seemed to be identical to our Gippsland birds. Many other species found in both areas seemed to have some regional differences - Gluepot Willie Wagtails looked slimmer and longer to me, and the Red Wattlebirds appeared to have much brighter plumage, etc.

I was able to add another LBJ to the favourites list at Gluepot, the Chestnut-rumped Thornbill.

I was ticking this gorgeous little bird all over the place. Often they were quite inquisitive of my presence. Sometimes I seemed able to will them to sit, (just for a brief moment mind you), on that branch there for a photo.

The Chestnut-rumped Thornbill is a very communal species and I always seemed to find them in small foraging parties bouncing through the foliage. And they did bounce ...

Thought I'd keep that shot, it describes their behaviour exactly.

The various Gippsland Thornbills can sometimes be identified by their location - Striateds in the crown, Browns in the shrubbery, etc. The Chestnut-rumps were interesting in that they were foraging at all levels, even on the ground at times.

A great little bird.


  1. Wish I knew how to "will" little brown birds to sit still for a moment while I took their photos! Great photos Gouldiae - and I like the bouncing shot!

  2. G'day Mick,
    That's just what they did. I could see them working their way through some trees towards me, so I stood still with some bare branches in the sunlight ahead of me and in they flew. Just lucky.

  3. Great photos can you get to Gluepot in a 2wd or do you need a 4wd to get there.

  4. G'day Neil,
    Easily with 2wd. Lots of detail about where and how on their website - or use link right hand side of my blog.

  5. Thanks Gouldiae will check it out.

  6. Hi Gouldiae
    Just catching up with your Gluepot reports.
    Love the bouncing Thornbill picture. Its great fun!
    I just posted Inland Thornbills, which look similar, but are relatives of the Brown TB, not the Buff-tailed, and so have dark red eyes. Your shot clearly shows the pale eye of the Chestnut-rumped TB.