Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Gluepot Report #3

G'day Bloggers,
After leaving Waikerie I crossed the Murray by ferry and headed north toward Gluepot Reserve.

Waikerie was established in 1894 and has had a ferry crossing from around that time. Until 1964 there were only two bridges across the Murray in the Riverland district and another 15 crossings were serviced by ferries. The Waikerie ferry is a free 24hour service.

Just after turning on to the track to Gluepot, the vineyards and citrus groves soon gave way to mallee eucalypts, saltbush and spinifex.

I was to spend the best part of the next 11 days in the area but I will spare you a daily diary, (although I do have one), and just pick a few of the experiences that took place.

The first bird to greet me at the Gluepot gate - no key needed these days - was the White-browed Woodswallow.

In a good season we will get a visit in Gippsland from a few small family groups of these birds. This group at the gate was upwards of 100!

I registered my arrival at the visitor information centre and headed for my campsite, the remotest one, 12 - 15km north-east from the centre. A bit of pre-visit reading had explained that currently the healthiest vegetation was in the eastern block.

After pitching the tent and making a cuppa, I got a visit from a pair of Red-capped Robins.

I had arrived!


  1. A pretty nice camps site when the birds come to you!

  2. Great birds. Keep 'em coming!

  3. You have some beautiful birds and country down your way.

  4. G'day Readers,
    The RC's were all over Dunc. Nearly got sick of photographing them - (did I hear you say, "Wash your mouth out Peter"?)
    Great patch of country Neil. I wish it wasn't so far from home.
    More coming Mosura.
    Dunno about that Tony - they were welcome guests, but!