Thursday, May 13, 2010

A 'Convention' of Currawongs

G'day All,
We have a dead Red Gum in the yard, (a long way from the house), that I often look at with the thought of, "There's a few months firewood in that tree", but I'm a bit loathe to knock it down. This evening, when I walked in from mowing or watering or whatever on the course, I was greeted with a chorus of Pied Currawong calls. This time of year they often noisily flock up before communally roosting for the night. Periodically the curras would glide up into the old Red Gum for a short sunbathe in the declining light.

They would sit and preen for a little before flying off to the nearby roadside trees for the night.

Marvelous birds except perhaps for their habit of sometimes taking other nestlings. Cop that 'robust' bill.

Every now and then they were joined by other species, but generally not for long. I think the Currawong's fearsome reputation might have had an effect on how long the others would stay.

I'm not sure what the collective noun might be for a gathering of Currawongs, so I've just invented one - a convention of Currawongs - for the 20 or so birds that visited the old dead Red Gum tonight.

In this last image, the bird in the top left corner is showing the white base to the tail. Pied Currawongs are the only ones to have this feature, useful for quick identification in flight.


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