Sunday, April 11, 2010

Heyfield Birdwatchers April 2010

G'day All,
Yep, still alive here at Heyfield. I've been struggling a little with the motivation and lack of material to do some blogging, but here we are.

Fourteen HBW's headed for the foothills just north of Briagolong today. The few skitty showers that raced through didn't deter the enthusiasm of the group one little bit and we drove up the windy Freestone Road to the Froam Picnic Ground for our first stop. The creekside track here is narrow and somewhat overgrown in places, so we split into two groups. One group took the track and the others walked up the road. We crossed paths again about halfway.

Yellow-tufted Honeyeaters were probably the dominant species on this walk, but Sitellas, Eastern Yellow Robins, White-browed Scrubwrens and Mistletoe Birds, among a few others were also ticked.

The showery weather meant the cameras and binoculars went under the coats fairly often and the overgrown track forced us to keep our eyes at ground level a bit. The Field Naturalists and Botanists in the group didn't seem to mind and were quickly finding plenty of plants and fungi to try and identify.

We drove up to McKinnons point next, and it was during the coffee break that one of the resident Peregrine Falcons streaked by and landed very high up on the cliff face. As luck had it, Ron had his telescope in his vehicle and we all took turns for some great views of this symbol of speed and fearlessness.

We crossed the creek and slowly ambled up 'Green Gully', where we were serenaded quite regularly by several family groups of the beautiful Golden Whistler.

The Freestone Waltz

Back at the cars we had lunch with some Red-browed Finches, Blue Wrens, White-browed Scrubwrens and Eastern Yellow Robins - always welcome lunch guests in my book! We were probably being perused by the Peregrine too, as it hadn't moved from its high rocky perch.

Ron took us on a detour to Three Bridges on the way home. A very beautiful walk along the track didn't produce many different birds until Marg spied a couple of dark shapes high in a tree.

Marg's Boobooks

After a bit more slipping and sliding on the now wet bush tracks, we emerged at Stockdale and headed for the coffee shop in Briag. While some dashed home to get the last of the footy on TV, the rest of us enjoyed a hot cuppa and frequent bragging of our sightings.

Wonderful - roll on May 9th I say!


  1. Sounds like a great day with some terrific birds that we don't see down here!

  2. G'day Mosura,
    Birds were good, the damp bush was great and the company brilliant. Thanks for looking in.

  3. A most impressive list of birds and some lovely photos too. ( I especially like the Eastern Yellow Robin.) Add in some good company as you seem to have - and you really shouldn't ask for more!

  4. Thanks Mick.
    I was sated but still want to do it again!

  5. Your weather is still looking better than mine. Look at all of the green and bright colors. Thanks for taking me on the trip from so far away.

  6. Another good day out for you all. Happy to report weather finally back to sunny up here.

  7. Very nice write-up! Congrats on seeing the Boobooks.

  8. Hi Gouldiae
    I have trouble feeding the blog at present,as I am renovating my house (re-cladding it actually). So time is precious, and sleep too.
    Like your report of the outing.
    Keeping in contact with the other local birdwatchers and naturalists if important, psychologically.