Thursday, April 29, 2010

Gluepot Report #1

Some years ago, the kids organised a holiday for Glen and I in South Australia. Part of the deal was a day of birdwatching at Gluepot Reserve, the Birds Australia property about 60km north of Waikerie. I think the girls got the idea from reading one of my bird magazines.

I was aware of Gluepot and had been following reports of its progress, bird sightings, etc, for some time. We drove around some of the tracks that day, visited a hide but we didn't see a lot of birds. The others in the car were not as bird focused as me, so they were being very polite and allowing me to indulge my passion.

On the way out that day, a pair of multi-coloured parrots took off from the side of the track and flashed their brilliant blue underwings as they wheeled off into the scrub. I wasn't game to ask Nick to stop so I could follow. It'd been a long day - for the others.

The image of those birds were burned clearly on my brain and a quick look in the field guide as we continued to bounce along the track on our way home, suggested that they were Mulga Parrots. I think that is the exact moment I began to plan my return visit.

Last fortnight I did just that.

Birds Australia were conducting a photography course at Gluepot in April and that was the perfect opportunity to get back there. I picked the dates to suit and enrolled. I took some time off from the golf course and on Tuesday 13th April I headed north west with the ute loaded with camping gear, food, camera and field guide. I think that others using the highway that day were wondering, "Why is that driver smiling so widely?"

Mulga Parrot - the bird that got me back to Gluepot.

The next few blog postings will outline some of my experiences on the trip.


  1. If you smiled all the way there I can only imagine the smile when you got those shots. Looking forward to the next instalment.

  2. I have always wondered about the name Gluepot.
    I assume many cars and truck have been bogged there in the past.
    Great spot, by all accounts.
    Glad you made it there (and back).
    Lovely Parrot shots.

  3. Thanks for dropping in Mosura, Tony and Denis.
    Well named I think Denis. We had a sprinkle of rain one morning and the moment I stepped outside the tent I was three inches taller with the mud on the boots.
    Magic place.

  4. The Mulga Parrots are beautiful looking birds. I've heard lots of good things about Gluepot, I'll have to get there one day.

  5. Put it on your list of places to go Mark - highly recommended.

  6. Beautiful parrots! The trip would be worth it to just see them! However - I do look forward to reading about the rest of the trip.

  7. G'day Mick,
    Yep, love those dry country birds. Hope I can do justice to them.

  8. Beautiful photos of the Mulga Parrots, Gouldiae!
    The detail on the second one is just fantastic. I've looked at their illustrations in my field guide many times, but they look much better alive!

    I'll be following with interest the whole journey and all the new birds you saw and photographed.
    Best regards