Thursday, March 4, 2010

Shopping Trip

G'day All.
Glen said, "I need to do some food shopping in Sale tomorrow."

I said, "OK, I'll come with you."

Glen said, "No, you know what happens when we shop together."

I said, "I'll find something to do."

Glen said, "Go bird watching or something."

I said, "Alright, if I have to".

I haven't checked Jack Smith Lake for some time. The water level was still low, and the waders absent. A lone Cormorant sat on a post and three Crested Terns were resting on the shoreline. "Hmm" thinks I, "Might have been better off shopping."

Just as I started to search the rush beds for that ever elusive photo opportunity of a Striated Wren, a 'seegle' cruised along the dune tops -

As I tried getting the Sea Eagle into some sort of focus, something flashed through the frame at great speed. After a couple of clicks I looked about for what the speedster might have been and then noticed a 50 strong flock of White-throated Needletails hawking for insects above the coastal bushes.

Wonderful. Haven't seen any Needletails for a year or more and here they were down almost at my level. No storms around either. The challenge to get an acceptable picture of these speedsters was just about beyond me. Still, great to see them.


  1. Hmmm! I reckon Glen knows your likes and dislikes pretty well :-) Interesting photos of the Needletails.

  2. Hi Gouldiae

    Love the Needletail images.
    Always great excitement when they are buzzing you that low.

  3. Now that's a shopping trip! :)

  4. At least you've got some birds to see. Been quiet skies up this way lately. But the Sun's shining again!

  5. G'day Tony,
    Yeah, been thinking of you.