Sunday, March 7, 2010

Kites and Gliders

Yesterday I went out to Northpoint again. The strip was busy, but not with 'diamonds'.

As I headed for the western end, the resident Whistling Kites were demonstrating their gliding and landing techniques. John often calls these birds and they frequently respond to his whistle and come gliding in.

When I got to the end of the strip, there was a launch in process.

Attach the string!

Take up the slack!

Chew some dust!

We're up and away!

John and Marg were hosting some gliding friends from Melbourne and Benalla. As we earthbound individuals stood around, the mobile phones were ringing. Partners and friends in Melbourne were advising of the weather patterns heading our way.

Here's a pic of John coming in. The cloud behind was a bit ominous!

As I left, there were some frantic arrangements being made for the safe storage of some fragile machinery. I wonder how the kites got on?

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