Thursday, February 4, 2010


G'day Readers,
Yesterday was the start of the ladies Wednesday golf day program for
'twenty ten'. This gave me an opportunity to leave the place for half a day, so Glen and I headed to Traralgon for the morning - Glen to the fruit and veg market and me to the Traralgon Res.

A young Blue Wren entertained me for a short while. I was off the beaten track a little, (as I often am), and the bird seemed to be saying, "Who are you? Shouldn't you be over there on the footpath with those other people with wires hanging out their ears?"

Suddenly a flash of red and yellow flew in. I haven't seen European Goldfinches for some time. I recall seeing them a lot across the dairy plains, years ago, but they do seem to be down in number a bit these days.

Of course it was back to the watering after lunch. The ladies had finished and yet again it was hot and windy, so it was out with the sprinklers once more. I was still going at 10pm last night, but guess what, an old favourite turned up in a tree near the pump shed.

I ducked home for the camera and spotlight and he let me get off a few shots.

At one stage he started getting sick of my presence, and although I didn't stick around too long or get too close, he decided to try his disappearing trick and turn himself into a branch.

After a bit he realized there wasn't much point. It wasn't daytime and he'd already been spotted anyway.

I'm still hanging out for a shot of that wide mouth open - one day, or night! Still, it was just the way to finish off a long day.


  1. A very long day indeed! and a very nice collection of little birds for the morning. It always intrigues me when people walk through an interesting place with interesting bush noises and still seem to need the "wires hanging out their ears"!!

  2. I'm with you Mick, hard to understand isn't it?
    Hoping for an easy day today. 30mm in one storm last night and still lightly raining this morning. Can you see my smile?