Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Hut Somewhere

(Heading: Apologies to Working Dog Productions, Rob Sitch and Tom Gleisner)

G'day All,
A close friend is a member of the Bairnsdale Fly Fishers who have a hut on the Mitta Mitta River in the Omeo Valley. Rob invited me up there for a couple of days last week. Rob fished, I birded.

The Mitta is a beautiful river with wonderful scenery around every corner. However, Rob was a little disappointed as the water was low and pretty warm, not the best conditions for trout apparently. The birds were great, but!

Upstream from the hut. I think the river is just entering the lower open country at this point.

Rainbow Bee-eater. A small group roosted in the trees on the bank opposite the hut.

Immature Dusky Woodswallow - had me tossed for a bit.

On day one, we walked some distance just below the historic Hinnomunjie bridge. Here, the Mitta is flowing through the pastoral country of Hinnomunjie Station. At one point we were 'accosted' by a local resident.

Hog Deer(?). Obviously a pet.

The birds were a little quiet at this point, except for a tree full of Starlings.

A Starling tree sp.

Rob didn't do too well with the fishing, but I was slowly 'ticking' a few birds. A nice colony of Yellow-rumped Thornbills was a delight to see.

It was back home to the very comfortable hut and to plan the next day's excursion. I rose early and got some nice sunrise shots around the hut.

Sunrise behind the hut.

After breakfast we drove up the Omeo Highway, (try it if you like your roads with corners!), past Anglers Rest to a 'deep hole with a big fish in it!' And they say birdwatchers can tell tales. It was a beautiful bit of the river though.

Heading up to the deep hole.

We wound our way back to Omeo for a cuppa, then back to the hut for lunch. Greens and fairways were starting to occupy my mind a little and an approaching storm helped me decide to head home. Rob stayed on for another go at the fish.

I arrived home about 2 hours later, checked the greens, had some dinner and an email came through with an attachment....

Rob's dinner!

Reckons he got them just below the hut the moment I drive off. I reckon they look frozen! Notice how he's included the paper for the date! Trusting soul. Anyway, it was birds 30, fish 2.

Wonderful couple of days away from work, thanks RW.


  1. That starling tree sure is budding. The trout look pretty tastie! Sounds like a fun trip.

  2. It sounds like a great couple of days away and a nice lot of birds too. The first photo of the hut on the top of the hill is really spectacular.