Thursday, February 25, 2010

Heyfield Birdwatchers - February

G'day All,
Uhm, just realized this morning I haven't blogged the last Heyfield Birdwatchers trip from a couple of Sundays ago - oops.

We went in to Wollangarra. Wollangarra is a youth camp on the Macalister River just north of town. The Wollangarra concept is marvellous. I urge you to use the link and click on About Us on their homepage.

Part of the deal of getting there is a short walk from Hickeys Creek along the Macalister river flats and then across the river on a flying fox.

(My pictures are not too good. I didn't take in my glasses and didn't realize I had a couple of settings wrong and the images were a bit soft).

The camp is in a beautiful setting right on the river. The normally beautiful Macalister is running a little discoloured at present. Recent rain has washed down some silt and most likely some left over fire retardant too, (bit of an issue around here).

As you may read on their website, Wollangarra is built from second hand materials. All pretty solid though - cop those sleepers, (not the one in the chair!). Can you imagine getting them across the river?

When we arrived, Josie gave the group a run down on the camp. We didn't pick the best of days to visit, as the crew were getting ready for their first group of kids for the year. They were arriving the next day.

Beaut day, beaut people, beaut spot. Oh, the birds? They were a bit quiet actually. I checked out the area several times before we went and the day before I got some nice birds at the Hickey's Creek 'carpark'.

Scarlet Honeyeater - Hickey's Creek

A very special thanks goes to the Wollangarra staff for putting up with a bunch of birdos for the day. Thanks Josie, Simon and crew, we had a wonderful day.


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  1. Crossing on that flying fox would certainly be "attention-grabbing" for the rest of the activities. It sounds like a great program that is run there. I like the little scarlet honeyeater - I still haven't managed to get that close to one!