Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"The Eagles Have Landed"

G'day Blog Readers,
How would you like this view from your front verandah?

Barry rang me to say the eagles were feeding on a Wombat carcass on the opposite bank of the river, did I want to have a look? Silly question! He took me around to the front of the house and after I got over the panorama in front of me, I spotted the birds opposite.

Powerful, majestic, - well, you know all the adjectives. They were some distance off and the light wasn't great, so the camera struggled a bit, but they were a wonderful sight through the bins.

Three in all, Barry says there's more sometimes, and they flew in and out at various intervals.

I snuck around the garden for a bit, trying for some different angles. All the while they were watching me between tearing meat from the carcass. The best view though was probably from the verandah where there was a bit of elevation. Fancy having a scene like that while you're having a cuppa. And, fancy having White-browed Scrubwrens buzzing about your head while trying to take pictures - blimey!

I was about to leave and Barry said, "You'd better have a look up in the shed".

The resident Boobook sits on top of a light and watches Barry go about his work - starting tractors, welding, etc - without flinching. What a delight?

All that wonderful bird watching without leaving home. I made an offer for the place but they weren't interested.

Thanks Barry and Sue for a beautiful interlude in a day of mowing. Speaking of which, I can hear the grass growing, I'd better be off.



  1. What a view! The rest of the place sounds pretty special too and your photos helped to visualize it all. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I'd love to have that view. I'd also love to see those eagles. What an awesome bird.

  3. Hi Gouldiae
    Those Eagles are in superb condition. Magnificent. As was the view.
    Is that the Thompson River?
    Great river flats and stream, anyway.
    Loved the Owl too.

  4. G'day Mick, Dave and Denis,
    Apologies for not getting back here for a bit. It's the Macalister River, just north of town. Barry and Sue have been there for some time. It was a fisherman's spot for a while, then they expanded etc and moved in.
    The river is very discoloured at present. Some recent rain in the hills has washed down some silt and most likely some left over fire retardant too, (bit of an issue here).
    The birds did appear healthy. Using the main road up on the ridge above the property, I would often see 3 or 4 wedgies soaring - quite possibly the same family.
    Thanks for looking in,

  5. Wow, what a cool place and I love all the birds and photos!