Sunday, January 31, 2010

Of Being Busy, Birding and Blogging

G'day All,
As regular visitors here understand, the last couple of months have been a little quiet regarding blog entries. Watering, mowing, issues with mowers, pumps, disease, etc have kept me a little tied up, (or tired up perhaps).

Today has been another stinker - hot northerly wind, and 38 degrees. Because of a problem with the river pump that tops up our dam, for a few days now I've not been putting water on the fairways, just trying to conserve our supply for the greens and tees. However, the water is now coming in from the river again and the day has been spent trying to recover some of the drier parts of the fairways. I'm hot tired and cranky!

There are some positives to this. There's some blue stuff on the radar approaching us, tomorrow I'm off surveying with Duncan, and on the last water change I decided to take the camera...

Maggies in the garden

Eastern Rosellas near the first green

... and a Noisy Miner taking a shower and a dip at the 4th green. . .

I reckon our survey location tomorrow will be pretty dry country. Still, it'll be somewhere different and I think the forecast is for something cooler. Can't wait to catch up with DF again too.


  1. The birds certainly appreciate your efforts with the watering and sprinkling - and I hope the golfers do too! Be careful what you wish for!! Snail got a visit from "Olga" now we are getting remnants from the same system combined with a trough etc etc - 3 inches so far and more expected today and tomorrow!

  2. Hi Gouldiae.
    We live in a big country. You are hot and dry.
    Snail and Mick are wet and windy.
    I am in the middle, and cool and cloudy. Hardly gone above high 20s in weeks.
    Enjoy your day out with Duncan. Hope you find some birds.

  3. Hi Gouldiae, Being somewhat irregular bloggers ourselves we understand that sometimes it just doesn't happen!
    We have had two dry days and some sunshine as well as a bit of a breeze - much appreciated after many,many wet days. I hope you've had a good day with Duncan.

  4. You're welcome to send some of that warm weather this direction for a day or 2. I'll pass on the rain. It's been staying around +20°f for the past few days, so it hasn't been too bad.