Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Small Tale of Woe.

G'day Blogworld,
This morning I decided to forgo the usual Thursday game of golf and head for the hills. I've been wondering what some of the favourite foothill gullies are like after the recent bit of rain, so I went up to 'Owl' Creek.

On the way I drove past numerous paddocks like ...

and this ...

Lots of farmers are making hay while the sun shines at the moment.

For those first two pics I opted to set the camera on auto 'Landscape'. I was satisfied with the results, got back into the ute and proceeded on to my destination.

After scrambling down the rock face to the creek bed, one of the first birds I saw was a Red-browed Treecreeper. Pretty unusual, and a first for me. Up with the camera, click, click, ... and the bird was away. You know what the 'woe' bit is now don't you? I'd left the camera settings on Landscape! *#@&%#*!

I assure you all, it was a Red-browed Treecreeper - true dinks.

Ah well, just on a bit I came across a family of White-browed Scrubwrens and with the camera settings changed, I fired away.

There is always a mob of Sulphur-crested Cockatoos roosting in the lower part of this gully and as you approach they scream 'blue murder'. As I moved up toward the rocky gorge, they continued their raucous screeching which made trying to pick other bird calls a fruitless exercise.

In a brief lull of quiet, I managed to hear the 'rusty hinge' call of the Gang-gang Cockatoo and I happened to locate a pair high up on a limb. These birds of course readily feed in parks, gardens, (and golf courses), where they can be very accommodating, allowing you to approach quite close. However, seeing them in this more natural environment I reckon they can be just as endearing, even at a distance.

Well, it's hot and windy here now and that means there are greens to be watered, I'd better get moving.


  1. I've never had those woe's G. :)Sure is looking good.

  2. Done that many times with camera on f22.

    Love the Gang Gangs. One of my favourite birds.

  3. I'll believe you about the treecreeper!

    Gang gangs are gorgeous cockatoos.

  4. Add my name to your list of self-confessed "dummies".

  5. There's nothing worse than thinking you've captured an awesome moment only to realise you've buggered it up! I've done that more times than I care to remember. :(