Thursday, December 10, 2009

Bird On The Limit

Yesterday I had to meet Glen at the Traralgon station at 430. I left home, (30 minutes from Traralgon), about midday. When I got to Traralgon I was about 4 hours early, so I had to find something to do! "I wonder if the camera and binoculars are in the ute? Yep, that was lucky, might as well check out Morwell National Park to fill in some time." Does anyone believe that little story?

In a quiet moment on one of the tracks I heard some little bird calls that I couldn't quite recognize. It wasn't quite the 'zizz, zizz, zizz' of the White-browed Scrubwren, more a deeper 'zizz-it, zizz-it, zizz-it'. I moved a little off the track and stayed in one spot for a time and eventually caught sight of a pair of much smaller birds than the 'scrubbies'.

I followed them quietly for a time to get a better view and eventually caught up with them in a spot where I managed a picture or two...

They were Brown Gerygones. Not a common bird to see in our neck of the woods, being just about at the southern limit of their range. Sweet little bird. And, they were being surprisingly accomodating of my presence. Looking about I discovered why.

Could it be? I sat and waited for some time and eventually, after numerous March Fly and mossie bites, one of the birds obliged with a visit.


Strewth, look at the time, Glen's train is only 20 minutes away. In my rush back to the ute in the car park I foolishly disregarded the patches of stinging nettles - I was in shorts too.

There's a beaut fish and chip shop just about next to the station, so it was 'sea-food and vegetables' and a cappachino for dinner. But where? The Traralgon Res of course.

We sat among the waterbirds for a while, then strolled around the track as the sun got low. At one point a Butcherbird going butchers and a Willie Wagtail joining in, drew our attention to a Black-shouldered Kite on top of its lookout tree.

A nice conclusion to a beaut afternoon.


  1. It is a VERY good story!! Fantastic sighting of the Brown Gerygone and especially of the nest. Especially nice that you could get photos to share with the rest of us!

  2. No I don't believe that story, but it is better than sitting at the station waiting. You could put it down to daylight saving.

  3. Thanks for the great story and photos, Gouldiae!

  4. Oooh:( I've never seen a BG. How fantastic is that? Well spotted. PS I note that you've moved from blogging to fiction.

  5. That's a beaut nest shot!

    ....and what a stroke of luck that your camera and binoculars happened to be in the ute :-)

  6. BGs up here near top of their long eastern range. Not often in Tyto.

    Remarkable how often birding and food attach to your 'other' outings. :-)

  7. A truly delightful story Gouldiae and lovely photos. Your patience and endurance of some insect bites was well worthwhile.
    Thanks for sharing.

  8. Nice shots and a almost believable story. :) Love that reflection shot!

  9. G'day All,
    Thanks for checking in and commenting. I think I just got lucky with the Gerygones. As you can tell from the shots, there was strong light behind them and my camera/me struggled with the settings. I couldn't change my position much. Contemplating returning one morning when the light should be better.

  10. Hi Gouldiae
    You had me shouting Brown Gerygone from your call notes - before you declared the name.
    You make me feel guilty for never having seen their nest myself as they are regular breeding visitors to the Nature Reserve at the end of my street.
    I shall have to go in and have a good look for their nests myself. Indeed even my own backyard if a possibility.
    Lovely report.

  11. Top story Gouldiae.Very nice find and an even nicer write up.

  12. G'day Denis,
    Loved your comment. Seems I must have got the onomatopoeic description right? Always a worry. Yeah, if you can find a nest you will be in wonderland.